Aser Santos,

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Washed and waxed my car and my momma’s car 👌
Now I needa get my license…
Shadows are life. Loljk.
I haven’t posted on this for awhile, gotta start again. Forgot how fun photography can be.

But I really do love shadows.
They’re both senior year LOL.
Exhibit Ready 👌
I can’t get as many likes as @haidianne #sausagetree #imnotcute
Botanical Gardens w/ @haidianne getting dat extra credit for Solano 😎
I swear @aserture is turning into a photobooth service 😪
Welp, first and last time at Sadies, didn’t have a date, but I guess Nelson counted for that test picture 😂
Today was a pretty ordinary day, nothing really worth taking pictures of lol. Feels koo starting school at 12 and having Denny’s for bfast lol. Spent most of my day at home, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Soupz chill ✌️ next milestone is 21 lol
18 ☑️
Haven’t been here in so long. Grew up here being a Valiant, now I’m almost done being a Noble, edging on becoming a Titan.
Time flies 🙇
At Edgewood, don’t see @viamarchelle anywhere 😱