Aser Santos,

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Hiked down to Hermit falls, and didn’t jump 😎 #icantswimwell
And we found @tamarabea there LOL.
Short hike, next time need to go to Hermit Falls instead of the puddle we ended up going to 😐
Stay Diverse.
@diavianna hey you were right, it was a really good place to get ice cream LOL.
#tbt my face just got longer, I shaved my mustache, and I have contacts now
Choose your weapon.
Got a few photos to post over the next few days from my quick weekend in San Francisco. Going to try and reboot this account with pictures from both my phone and my little baby EM-10 👶
Made a DIY softbox 😍
Thanks for helping @byedianne 💕
A couple that crafts together, stays together LOL.
Baptism for a baby I don’t know, super burritos, ice cream, Dolores Park, TPumps, Toms warehouse sale, and a reservoir my dad wanted to stop by otw home.
Being in SF for the weekend was nice, I kinda wana go again 😭
Molca Salsa 👊