Aser Santos,

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Got a few photos to post over the next few days from my quick weekend in San Francisco. Going to try and reboot this account with pictures from both my phone and my little baby EM-10 👶
Made a DIY softbox 😍
Thanks for helping @byedianne 💕
A couple that crafts together, stays together LOL.
Baptism for a baby I don’t know, super burritos, ice cream, Dolores Park, TPumps, Toms warehouse sale, and a reservoir my dad wanted to stop by otw home.
Being in SF for the weekend was nice, I kinda wana go again 😭
Molca Salsa 👊
First day with the new addition to my gear, the EM-10! Diggin’ the EVF, diggin’ the look and size, just diggin’ it overall (shovel emoji)
Revitalizing my love for photography 📷💕
My new baby came in!
And this was one of my first pictures with it. Love the double exposure feature 😅
Payapa 2014!
Selfie game too strong 💥
Selfie game is damn strong 😎
Good working at Payapa this year, turned into a family thing 😂
🌊Swim Day🌊 😎
Happy birthday to my cousin Sebel! 🎉
🌊Swim Day🌊 😎
Happy birthday to my cousin Sebel! 🎉
Idunno what his insta is lol.